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    DJI Apps Crashing on Beta Roms

    Hey, i got a Problem with the Beta/Developer Roms. The DJI Fly and DJI Mimo App is continually crashing after trying to connect to the devices. I had to install the lastest stable rom to use my devices in the holiday. Is this a known problem? Is there a fix? Best regards
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    Bug? FC

    Hey, after clean installing the new reuploaded beta 21.4.21with fixed gps i faced some force closes from the "rights manager" Anyone else has issue? Here is the errorcode:
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    BUG / Crash report 21.4.21 / 21.4.14

    Mi 11 Ultra -> GPS Crashes SystemUI Tested in Camera, Google Maps, Komoot and some other Apps using GPS Appeared in 21.4.21 and 21.4.14
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    Unlock Camera Features (exposure, Manual Focus...)

    Hey, in this guide is a instruction to unlock some hidden camerafeatures : i want to try it for our redmi pro omega, but in the folder "devices _features" there is missing our device... All other devices are shown. Hopefully anyone can help. Eventually...