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    Country code prefix defect in calls/messages [MAJOR BUG] !!

    Hi, This is a bug that's been reported for the past 2 months by me and other users; The country code prefix defect in calls/messages: local and international phone number of one contact are not linked to the contact. exemple: My friend john's phone number is saved as "+33 6 61 48 79 69"...
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    Double sms notifications on lockscreen

    Hi, I'm using GO SMS Pro, and since MIUI ICS there is a bug that displays double notifications on my lockscreen, even when i disabled notifications in the stock SMS app, and disabled sms notifications from other apps but GO SMS in the GO SMS settings. That's exactly the way things were...
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    Some bugs in ICS version i noticed

    Hi, Here are some bugs i have on my Nexus S 2.3.3 ICS miui rom: * Random reboots when i make or answer a phone call (not always) * Reboot when i plug in the usb cable and usb is activated * When phone is in Silent+Vibration mode, if i press "volume down", it removes the Vibration mode, and...