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    Where To Buy A Replacement Battery

    Hey, I'm just interested to know if anyone here has experience with purchasing a BM20. There are some on Ebay but I'm afraid that those might be fake. Thanks in advance!
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    [ROM] CodeAurora Android 4.4.2 for Mi2/2S [2014-03-06] by Ivan

    Ivan's new ROM based on CodeAurora. All credits go to Ivan (秋叶随风). I do not take responsibility for any problems you may experience by flashing this ROM. I haven't tried flashing this ROM, I'm pretty satisfied with Ivan's Aosp for now. Source: Google...
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    [Mi2S] Vibration suddenly barely noticeable

    Hey everyone, I know that the vibrator in our device was never anything special, but it got the job done. My device suddenly barely vibrates, like it's barely noticeable. I've tried to look this problem up but found nothing. Is there anyone who has experienced something similar? And perhaps...
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    Xiaomi Mi2S Lowest price yet

    Just for anyone who's looking to buy this device, seems like a good seller on ebay sells it for a very low price: Xiaomi Mi2S 32GB 359$ Xiaomi Mi2S 16GB 317$ Cheers!
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    Question about Mi2S CPU

    Hey, I just received my Mi2S and it is awesome! : ) Just one thing though, I thought that the Snapdragon 600 model number is APQ8064T. However the model number that appears on AnTuTu is "APQ8064 Pro". It also states that the "CPU hardware" is "MI 2" while the "Phone model" is "MI 2S". Is that...