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  1. Garethkungfu

    Release MIUI ROM 2.7.13

    Any idea if MIUI will work on a Jelly Bean ROM? also SGS2 download is working fine for me.
  2. Garethkungfu

    Resolved SGS2 - 2.6.1 - Colours in negative

    DAAAAAAAAYM!!!! Lol thanks t3v4d I didn't read that in the kernel patch notes but thanks a lot!
  3. Garethkungfu

    New [SGS2] MY MIUI WISH LIST(Bugs nd Stuff Really)

    Hey Guys, Please sort out these Bugs On the SGS2 Rom! When holding the power button(to restart) selecting the reboot option brings a dialogue of prevent use of camera? Home Button Delay. CRT-OFF lock animation PLEASE guys! MIUI theme chooser still a bit buggy when selecting mixed option to...
  4. Garethkungfu

    Resolved SGS2 - 2.6.1 - Colours in negative

    Lol i have siya Kernel (still best kernel in the world!) and if i drop my phone the colors go negative( Really dont feel like reproducing that) but a simple reboot fixes it.
  5. Garethkungfu

    [SGS2] MIUI 2.4.20 (maps in running apps)

    Anyone else have maps running when they open the task manager? It's also persistent so closing it simply opens up again. Sent from my GT-I9100
  6. Garethkungfu

    In Progress [SGS2][2.4.20] Random reboots

    Hey guys maybe a lil tip but don't take it to seriously, last week I downloaded a desktop manager for android and they are awesome one of them had a log viewer while your device is running that opens up I'll get the name and maybe you can post from there? Just a thought but seems like best bet...
  7. Garethkungfu

    Sgs2 2.4.20 sim card locked 0 attenpts left bug

    Confirmed there are a couple miss translations in the new MIUI hopefully will be fixed soon Sent from my GT-I9100
  8. Garethkungfu

    Please Reupload Touchwiz for MIUIV2.1 you'll be like super cool

    Please Reupload Touchwiz for MIUIV2.1 you'll be like super cool