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  1. SirKekSias

    New Error in Czech translation: Weather App

    Device: Mi 8 MIUI: 9.9.27 v2 There's an error in Czech translation. In English it says "Update weather info between 23:00 and 07:00" and in Czech it's "Don't update weather...".
  2. SirKekSias

    Invalid 9.9.27 Mi8: Czech language shows smaller clock in status bar than other languages

    Device: Mi 8 MIUI: 9.9.27 v2 Czech language shows smaller/thinner clock than other languages (e.g. English UK). The main problem is that it is harder to read when used outside in bright sun and as I am wearing glasses too the clock is almost unreadable in these conditions (the font thickness is...
  3. SirKekSias

    New Clock font is not bold in certain languages

    Device: Mi 8 Build: Beta 9.9.3 This bug/error appears only in status bar, I didn't notice it anywhere else. All languages show bold font in clock except these 3 languages: Czech, Slovak, Polish. It looks very odd and harder to see. For better details see attached screenshots.