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  1. GregSmack

    Where to find mi 11 ultra firehose file?

    Hey there I try to unbrick a friends phone [in EDL mode] and I need a firehose file for the mi 11 ultra for the qualqomm FLash Loader. I only found this site: But I have no clue which one is the correct one.. Thanks for help!
  2. GregSmack

    How to enter EDL mode without testpoints on mi 11 ultra?

    Hey there, a friend of mine bricked their phone while updating from the MIUI software even though the phone had a global weekly version installed.. I found many paid services but I guess there is still some way to do it myself? The phone wont boot or even show charging logo. any ideas?
  3. GregSmack

    Super Wallpaper Dark Mode [Mi 11ultra]

    This problem remains since my mi 10 ultra and since half a year on my mi 11 ultra. I love the super wallpapers but I want o use dark mode, with the light version of the wallpapers. The function in the settings "adjust wallpaper to dark mode" does not work. Is there any real solution? :( Sent...
  4. GregSmack

    Weird Mi 10 ultra back cover misprints?

    Why does GSMARENA has a Xiaomi mi 10 Ultra with different back cover? In their version HIGH RES - AUDIO Logo is next to the periscope lens. In mine is only a blank square with a dot. What's with your version?
  5. GregSmack

    Mi 10 Ultra camera problems

    Hey there, So I got my 10 ultra a week ago and I love it. But when I use the camera app I have some problems. - when in video mode, 5x periscope lens won't shoot in 4k60. That's a bummer, but the sensor probably is not capable for that I thought. But it can shoot in 4k30 so i thought okay I...