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    Stop Miui from killing specific apps?

    hello its been a year or more since i have used miui and i love the improvements that have came about but one thing i cant figure out is how do i stop miui from killing spotify. i turned off the auto kill but i was wondering if there was a way to just block spotify from being killed. because i...
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    Miui 1.11.11 Update Video
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    Miui 1.11.4 Update Video
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    How to use a2sd+

    i am not responsible for anything you choose to do. hope this tutorial helps. DO NOT TYPE "" THEY ARE ONLY THERE TO SHOW WHAT TO TYPE. 1. make sure sd card is formatted with ext 2,3 or 4 check this by connecting to pc and running minitool partition wizard and then look at your sd there and...
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    No Upload Button On YouTube?

    I just switched back to Miui about 3-4 roms ago and every rom the youtube app doesnt have the upload button. i was wondering if this is thing with this rom or with just the nexus one. Just wondering because this makes it a pain in the butt to do update videos with out having the ability to...
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    Bluetooth Audio controls?

    im trying to figure out how to stop music app from opening while im using pandora with my bluetooth devices. i know i can stream audio to my bluetooth devices but i cant pause play fast forward or rewind. does anyone know what to do? i dont want to remove the music apk because i use the music...