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  1. blaze73

    IMILAB camera problems-Google Home, Google Assistant

    Hello guys, I have several Xiaomi IMILAB cameras and I can not use any of them in Google Home or Google Assistant. I would need to pair, link at least one of them as I have just received the "Mi Smart Clock" and it is possible to view live feed if the camera is added via Google Home or Google...
  2. blaze73

    GBoard Voice Input not working

    Same here, no matter what I do gboard simply does not work with "voice to text" since the Android 10 upgrade. If I knew so many things would go bezerk with Android 10 I would have never upgraded :( Real s**t. Xiaomi should fix all these and release a patch, OTA update to fix all these errors :(
  3. blaze73

    GBoard Voice Input not working

    hello guys, I am on Mi 9T running Android 10 and "voice to text" does not work on gboard Its only gboard - all other apps work with the "voice to text" but friggin gboard just refuses to take the text no matter what I do Any idea how to fix this ? Going nuts :(