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  1. Marco Silva

    How Listen Music Through Usb C Adapter Xiaomi Mi5s

    Hello, how i could listen music by using ubc type c adapter?? I tried and the phone do not identified. What is need to do?
  2. Marco Silva

    Video Mode Resolution Default

    Hello, in the next update, you should repair the anoying bug of the video camera mode, that you everytime you close the camera in for example 4k, it return to the Full HD mode. Is really bad, the app should record the last resolution that the user use. Because if you need to be fast to record...
  3. Marco Silva

    Request: Lock App In Task Manager

    Could you add the feature to lock a app in task manager? This feature exists in emui of huawei, and is very helpfull. If we can do this, we could close all others apps fast, and maintain the one we locked
  4. Marco Silva

    Reformulate Or Create A New Music Player

    Hello everyone, I came to bring an idea that is the reformulation / alteration of the miui native music player. Miui's original music player is very weak. It has few options and is unintuitive. It is very bad compared to other existing players, such as sony (walkman), ios, touchwizz, among...
  5. Marco Silva

    Xiaomi Mi 5s 7.1.20 Wi-fi Problem

    Hello, my Wi-Fi connection on this ROM is unstable, turn off many times, and to connect again, is need turn off the option, lock the device and try again. What could be?