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  1. timpoldo

    Full Backup ROM with TWRP

    I want make a full ROM backup. Wich partitions i need to include in TWRP backup to be sure that i can perfectly restore my ROM in any case? Is enough to backup "Boot", "System" and "Data" partitions? Or i need to include any of : Vendor System image Vendor image Modem EFS Thanks
  2. timpoldo

    New [9.10.24] Stock camera bug

    Redmi note 7, MIUI 9.10.17 I think this is a possibile bug in stock camera app, not in ROM version. Infact, this bug occurs also in previous release of weekly version. When I open the camera i see a blurred image, the colors have low contrast and are not vivid as usual. If I press the "back"...
  3. timpoldo

    New [9.8.9] Proxymity sensor issue

    RN7 lavender with 9.8.9 rom After the update, proximity sensor no more working. Using hidden menu, the test fails (no way to run calibration or test) I've been able to use again sensor, installing "Proximity sensor test" from Play store. Running "Fix" option, the phone require ti reboot....and...
  4. timpoldo

    New [9.7.25] Data plan counter

    Data usage counter don't list the "Update system". Also, data consumed by downloading new release rom are not added to total used (For me download 1.7gb new rom, was not added) Redmi note 7
  5. timpoldo

    New Caller black list

    I've a RN7 (lavender) running Rom 9.6.27 When i add a caller in black list, the number Is stored without international prefiz. E.g.: If i add +44 123 45678, the entry stored is only "123 45678" In this way, i suppose, that will be blocked all number independently from country Not a serious...
  6. timpoldo

    Req - Data Icon

    Hi, I have a Redmi Note 7 (lavender) and i'm using ROM 9.5.23 I don't know if this is the right forum to post my question. I realized that if I deactivate data connection, the E/3G/4G symbol continues to appear neart to GSM signal strength indicator. In this way there is no...