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  1. WALKMANmr

    New Restrict chain start bugged since 21.10.20

    Since the latest weekly, apps such as edge screen, that I've been using since time immemorial, are broken. You now have to allow the chain start execution for each app. Say I want to launch Gmail, as per the screenshot attached the permission will pop up and it's a matter of tapping allow and it...
  2. WALKMANmr

    New Missing tiles and generally broken media notifications controller (Mi 10 21.1.20

    On the latest beta, the media notification is broken. As per attachments, the controller is missing multiple tiles (first screenshot), and controllers for uninstalled media apps still remain (second screenshot). Basically, there's no way to manage music whatsoever via the lockscreen...
  3. WALKMANmr

    Mi 10 TWRP Can't decrypt.

    Hello, I just installed the 21.1.6 rom (coming from the old 12.0.8 stable), basically minutes before the new .13 came online. Flashed the latest umi TWRP from the androidfilehost folder. I was trying to update to the latest rom version, thing is I can't seem to be able to decrypt the data...