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    Mi 10T Pro MIUI 13

    Hi guys! How does MIUI 13 behave on sd 865 powered devices ? My father has a MI 10T Pro and I'm worried that MIUI 13 will make it slower, so I wonder if it would be a good idea to just remain on the actual version. For the moment, on MIUI 12.5.12, everything is smooth. He doesn't care about new...
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    Mix 4 speakers

    Hi guys! When I did research before buying Mix 4, I was led to believe that this phone has some of the top 3 speakers on the entire market. Now having the phone for 5 months, I find myself constantly observing that the speakers are elite, but not on the best tier. The regular S22 sounds louder...
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    Official Xiaomi ROM with working Google services

    Hi all! I've been having this Mix 4 for 2 months now and I'm 99999999999% disgusted. I'm on 12.5.12 stable and this has more bugs than a previous €200 Huawei P smart 2021 I had used for 1 month. It's unbelievably bad ... Like seriously, it't really really bad. Except that 1 month on P smart...