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    Is there a way to sync with MS Outlook on MIUI?

    Download outlook app on the phone and sync it. This is very easy.
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    Is Mi3/mi4 Is Going To Receive Miui 8 Update

    I still didn't receive the updates
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    Mi5 And Battery Life

    I find the battery dries quickly when using wechat
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    Where To Buy Xiaomi Mi5

    I prefer to buy its from or ask my friends in china.
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    Need Help ?? How to restore data from Huawei allbackup to Xiaomi ??

    Hi OP, you can use Huawei Data Recovery software to extract files from the backup. Then you can add those files to xiaomi phone, such as contacts, text messages and photos.
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    Tutorial How to Upgrade MIUI on an Encrypted Phone

    What does encrypted mean? a passcode protected Mi phone?