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    Latest stable release

    well, well, well. I didn't know that. tnx for that.
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    Latest stable release

    I believe it is MIUI11 9.10.10 (weekly)
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    Probably not, because of the fingerprint scenner
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    Hy, anyone with mi5s facing on Android 8 bad battery life? I think that system android is using too much battery. At night a lose 8 - 10% with evarything turns off (data, wifi, GPS, Bluetooth).
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    Noise from camera

    Maybe someone has had a similar problem. Sometimes when particular app opens camera and the camera sensor is active the sensor will buzz. It is happening only in 1 app. Second is that when i shake the phone I hear a rumble near the camera. When the camera is turned on, it is less rumble when...
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    On mi5s masive battery drain. I flash it via TWRP like usually. I have clean dalvik and cache several times but still the same. I barely get through the day, with previous versions I can get easy 2 or 3 days.