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    Invalid Google play services

    hi all when i enter on my goole message app, i have a notification. google play service want acces to telephone app, i clik and i see google play services setting, i dont see found permissions menu, i cant accord acces to "telephone" app. same on google contact, same notification from google...
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    Battery saver & autostart

    hi all i search best setting for battery saver and auto start function. is verry verry verry agressive with battery saver an cut all, i dont receive a lot of notifications . for which know applications have you changed these settings? Messenger / Facebook / Whatsapp / Google Duo /...
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    Invalid cts profil

    installer on mi11 ultra now, impossible download netflix for exemple cts profil fail.
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    Mi 11 ultra 12.5.5 possible little Bug?

    Hi all, i cant acces to "contrast" menu on my mi11 ultra 12.5.5 on french language. And you? thanks