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  1. pedrodog69


    I haven't heard or seen any news on anyone working on a port for the EVO LTE. I've been holding off on getting it because I don't think I can go without Miui! I know there is a Miui home launcher now but don't think that its the same. I would like to get some feed back on either. Thanks .
  2. pedrodog69


    I have'nt been in the forums for a while and just did a search for evo 3d developers and nothing came up. Anyone have an idea on this? developers or evo 3d forum? Just wondering how long I have to wait before I get my evo 4g 3d rooted and back on MIUI?
  3. pedrodog69

    MIUI File Explorer

    Yes its awsome but everytime I go to sdcard it fc's did i miss a fix for the latest relese?
  4. pedrodog69

    Dancing Android Boot Animation

    ooohhh its flashable..... lmfao i'm getting old i must of read it like ten times and did'nt even see that till now!!! thanks
  5. pedrodog69

    Dancing Android Boot Animation

    Ok somewhat of a noob q but is this a copy and paste in file manager? Btw looks great!
  6. pedrodog69

    What kernal to use

    You don't need a kernel, hotspots is where other can tap into your wifi got settings system turn on hotspot. Tethering is completely different that's when you use your handheld as a modem, go to settings system turn on tethering or you can dl from the market pdanet.