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    New List of Bugs for Note 2 Rom

    I can live with a rom that is still under construction. Normally you see more and more bugs crushed with every new release. MIUI is different. A lot of annoying (not serious) bugs just don't get solved over a period of many..many months. It's the hard work of MIUIANDROID that makes me installing...
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    New Small Contact Photos

    The problem is still unsolved in april 2013 even in v5. Example. I have two images for two contacts. Both same filesize and same resolution. One contact gets the hires pictures in the contact details, the other only the small round "icon size" image. In ASOP all of my contact have a big image...
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    New List of Bugs for Note 2 Rom

    1. Tweedle does not start up, tapping the icon immediately fc's 2. Date format set in system settings does not match dateformat in, for example, the calendar app. System setting for me is dd-mm-yy but lockscreen and calendar (and others) always use yy-mm-dd. Dealbreaker for me. 3. Probably not a...
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    Is there something i can do to make Tweedle (twitter client) work? After tapping the icon there is a pause of 5 seconds followed by "Tweedle has stopped". Made it a system app using Titanium, uninstalled and reinstalled. Even reinstalled the full rom (with all wipes prior to installing the rom)...
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    @ ingbrzy, thanks!
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    No, Dutch.
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    Thanks guys for this BEAUTIFUL rom. Absolutely fun to use and to look at. I know it's one of the first releases so things will improve over time, but quite some apps don't work properly. Tweedly for example doesn't even start up. Because of the (kind of) huge icons on my Note 2 I wanted to use a...
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    Launcher Ex does let you add widgets. Almost all others FC.
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    Does the calendar (day view) have a decent european date format, dd-mm-yy? in 3.4.5 it was yy-mm-dd even when dd-mm-yy was activated in the system settings.
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    Notes BUG

    Perhaps you answered the question yourself in the second post ;)
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    [MIUI 1.9.2.] Whatsapp FC

    Had the same, however after a few minutes i did get the verification SMS.
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    Bugs in 1.9.2

    Ditto for the auto brightness and next to that a random disconnecting data connection. 100% disconnections after a restart and several times during the day. Wiped everything there is to wipe. Reflashed but no succes. Flashed 1.8.26 to check, no disconnecting data.
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    [MOD]MiUI Plus- The best addon mod[widgets,apps,wallpapers,themes & more]all versions

    Installed it on my Desire HD and a fresh Miui Android rom, with and without mounting system myself. Result is nothing. Only one theme gets installed, no extra apps, no widgets, no keyboard...nothing. This happened with both Plus mod versions.
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    Date and time format [SOLVED]

    This bug is still present. I want to use the dd/mm/yy format but no matter what setting I doesn't change. All apps using a date format keep using mm\dd\yy :(
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    Calendar: Holiday, Event Text

    How can it be switched off?