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  1. fabioccoelho

    MIUIed :-P

    MIUIed :-P
  2. fabioccoelho

    MULTI MIUI Multi Lang 2.12.7 [ICS & JB]

    No pt_BR language included?
  3. fabioccoelho

    MIUI N1 PTG 1.7.1 A.I.O

    I'm getting FC in SMS for read and write. [ ]'s
  4. fabioccoelho

    Miui Battery Circle MOD for N1/Desire now for Gingerbread :)

    Hi, 1.1.22 english pack 1d released :D Thanks ;)
  5. fabioccoelho

    Dancing Android Boot Animation

    Nice dude :D Thanks a lot ;)
  6. fabioccoelho

    [Nov. 16 - ver.1.5.2] MIUI weather update

    +1 :D Thanks
  7. fabioccoelho

    Do i need to wipe & clean to upgrade?

    I just only wipe cache and dalvik-cache for new versions update and works fine, no problems man. It´s all ;)
  8. fabioccoelho

    [ALL PHONES] Helvetica Neue Fonts

    Re: Re: Re: [ALL PHONES] Helvetica Neue Fonts You're welcome ;) Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
  9. fabioccoelho

    [ALL PHONES] Helvetica Neue Fonts

    Try follow commands: adb root shell adb remount [ ]´s