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  1. bigrushdog

    [MultiDevice]Bigrushdog's Weekly Mods How To [Must Learn!!!]

    Alright Guys. This thread is long overdue. I am going to cover the mods that I provide on a weekly basis. The information provided should apply to most MIUI ports, regardless of device. Therefore, it is in the Port Section. There are three areas of interest I wish to cover. They include...
  2. bigrushdog

    [EVO-MODS] Implementing the Weekly Mods [All Devices?]

    MOD, please delete. Redundant
  3. bigrushdog

    [PORT][MOD] Porting Evo 3 Way Reboot To Other Devices

    I just finish porting the 3 Way Reboot from CM6.1 to the Evo. It appears it is now 100% stable so now we can start the process of bringing this awesome port to other devices. To start, download the attached zip which contains the necessary files to implement this port. These files...