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    New Here

    Hi All, New here... The Mi 11 Ultra is going on sale tomorrow as per Xiaomi website... my question is, if I install Xiaomi roms, will that pass safety net and allow Banking Apps and Google Pay? Cheers Roebrt
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    Weekly releases

    When does the weekly releases usually get posted for update and is it easier to use the updater app or download manually. I read that the latest update was today but what time usually GMT?
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    Playstore app download - App too large

    Installed latest weekly but playstore keeps giving message that apps are too large. Any way around it? Also anyone know how to remove clock in status bar that is on far left. Cheers
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    Global to EU Rom

    I am thinking of flashing the EU rom ontop of my Global Version Mi Mix 3 but on this forum everyone seems to be flashing China Rom first, do I need to do this or can I flash straight from Global to EU? Cheers Robert