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    In Progress MIUI V4 (SGS2) - Reboot dialog

    The reboot dialog says "Prevent use of Camera" Ok or Cancel. I am guessing its a translation issue.
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    In Progress MIUI V4 (SGS2) - Addressbook access through bluetooth

    Using MIUI, my car cannot access my phone's phonebook. I don't even get a message in the phone saying that the car is requestins access to phonebook. Using stock samsung firmware (which I hate) fixes this. Anyone knows if there is any workaround for this?
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    need helping fixing bluetooth issue

    I've tried multiple times to post an issue that I found out with MIUI: when using custom kernels (any that is not from stock MIUI), my car is unable to fetch my phone's addressbook through bluetooth. I can reproduce this issue everytime. Nevertheless, noone has ever (EVER) replied to any of...
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    how to use bluetooth with car

    Hi everyone, I keep having issues using my bluetooth with my car. For some reason, I am unable to use addressbook from my car's bluetooth. Interestingly enough, I see a permission request in my phone from the car to access the addressbook and I press "Allow" but nothing happens ... Does...
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    Bluetooth Bug with alternate kernel

    Hi, I've found that Bluetooth is not working properly with anyother kernel than the stock. If I install an alternative cm7 kernel (i.e. Glitch, platypus, FuguMod) my car is unable to access my phone's address book even though it can use the bluetooth to dial. Unfortunately, without the...
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    MIUI Lockscreen Graphic EQ (missing forever?)

    Hi everyone, I've been away from MIUI for 6 months or so (bought an iphone4 ... what a mistake) and now that I came back to it the first thing I noticed is the missing graphic EQ on the lockscreen. I really loved it! Anyone knows if the MIUI team removed it for good or if its just a matter...