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    1.7.15 Lockscreen Issues

    Hello, yes I am having trouble with my lockscreen on my HD2. I have tried multiple ones, and they all seem to freeze and won't move. Like the slide bar, it just stays there. I have rebooted my phone, reflashed, soft reset it, and nothing. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it freezes. Any...
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    Carrier Name Changer App

    Don't you hate your carriers name in the corner and on the lockscreen of your phone? Wouldn't you like to change it to MIUI so you feel more involved in the community? Well, with this app developed by Holabalola from XDA-Developers, we can easily do that. Find the application thread here...
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    1.5.27 MMS/SMS Force Close

    The only bug I have encountered is that if I'm scrolling through my contacts and click their name and hit SMS, I get the force close error. Also if I type someone a new message I get the force close error but it still sends the message. Sent from my HTC HD2 using the forum app
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    Battery Percentage With Pictures Tutorial

    So you may have noticed that a lot of the battery mods seem very difficult to apply. Well, what about a battery mod that is already included in MIUI 1.5.6 (may be in other versions)? This would be a lot simpler, wouldn't it? Well this is where I come in. With this simple and easy to follow...
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    Quick And Easy Guide To Battery Percentage Shown

    So you may have seen noticed the battery packages shown but for some reason they do not work with my phone. Instead of downloading a widget off the market to show battery percentage I found something new! This is included with the newest MIUI rom build (may be in later versions) Instructions...
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    Number Recognition

    I have a huge problem... When I go to send a text to someone, and I start typing their name in, it doesn't recognize the number. Sometimes though it does recognize the number, but if I receive a text from someone it just shows their number even though they are in my contacts. Is their a fix for...