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    mi 11 batt life

    hi how is batt life in eu rom it sucks in officael firmware
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    hi can someone tell me what facetime.apk is used for the one installed on eu rom
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    any solution about twrp on mi10

    hi all any one know if twrp is fixed so we can use twrp as normal so we dont need to flash from otg because my mi10 wont flash from otg keep getting error 7 no matter what i dont an even if i download rom first from my phone or my pc an put it on a stick an md5 check sum is correct
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    mi 10 wont start

    @ingbrzy do u or any else in ur team know why since 20.8.25 an 20.8.28 wen ever i make an reboot or shutdown off my phone wen it starts again it just hang on miui screen an wen i then go to twrp all is wiped on internal storage an i have to do a format data to install rom again if i install...
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    mi 10 problem wiht phone sync

    @Igor Eisberg mi 10 phone app dont sync contact's it say 0 contact on xiaomi cloud an google cloud plus yellow pages dont work an u can't actived it under settings an after update google phone keeps craching an cant sync contact
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    Resolved mi10 20.8.7 theme/message/messenger bug

    @ingbrzy do u have any idea why message an theme store dont work on mi10/pro theme store wont connect to internet or we get download error message wont update to latest recived message or sync an wen u delete a message after reboot it comes back facebook messenger show info bubble an wen u open...
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    spam an caller id

    any ho knows how to activate this option in dialer wen it not showing in menu
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    xiaomi camera 4.0

    hi anybody knows why i cant update my camera apk 3.0 with this version 4.0
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    do u miss notification

    here is one an working with egde lightning so it will keep giving u notification an u can choose interval sec
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    xiaomi eu system launcher

    hi can i install the system launcher feom the eu rom on normal rom an can someone upload it here im a bit sad over the global launcher have google discovery