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  1. pedropereira22

    Reboot on "Redmi" logo on 12.5.4 Redmi Note 9S

    Hi I updated to on my redmi note 9s and after update, my device stuck on "redmi" logo, just reboot. I tried to format data, but still the same. Any solution?
  2. pedropereira22

    Quick Settings edit tile missing??

    Hi i noticed the edit tile on quick settings is missing. My question is, it's normal to be disabled on settings? if yes, how to enable it again? I'm using 20.3.5 on Redmi Note 7 (lavender)
  3. pedropereira22

    Invalid [Redmi Note 7] 20.2.27 - Screen Lock Issues

    I can't setup screen lock, in fingerprint setup, i put my finger in FP sensor and system does not do anything, also I can't setup PIN, after configuring, PIN keep disabled, same problem with pattern and password. . Anyone have a same problem or any solution? I really appreciate Logcat in...
  4. pedropereira22

    Resolved 20.1.9 - Lavender - No audio

    After update to 20.1.9, the audio stopped working, give a error on music play, and i give error on record anything. Someone have the same problem? Thanks Update: I attached the logcat file, maybe can help the developers check the bug