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    Smiley bug help?

    At build 1.5.6 seems there are only smiley codes at all devices. I think it has to do with the "SmileyParser.smali". I compared with older smali files from MIUI 1.4.15 and there are some difference. I attached the version from MIUI 1.4.15 and 1.5.6! At 1.4.15 there are 2 smali files...
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    Dark Themes and call issues

    Don`t know why exactly but seems some users with different devices have problems with the dark themes which exist. The users cant hear anyone or anything. Seems this helps for most users: Go to Dialer settings and enable "Third-party access".
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    Flashlight App

    It`s would be nice to see the new flashlight.apk from Sense 3.0 ROMs in next MIUI releases. Really nice apk I think ;)
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    MIUI Port for Desire Z/G2?

    Possible to port MIUI ROM to Desire Z and G2? Would be nice to see at this phones!