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  1. Arguuo

    TWRP don't boot, Phone don't boot neither

    Hello, I'm totally lost, I need some help I received an unlocked Mi 8 (chinese version updated in a Global version), so the bootloader was already unlocked. I started to install TWRP with adb, I booted in TWRP, everything worked well, I installed the last ROM (weekly version MIUI10)...
  2. Arguuo

    New Scratchy sound in video recording (Bad microphone quality)

    Is Xiaomi aware about their scratchy sound problem in video recording ? I've got the Mi MIX 2, and tests on youtube on the Mi MIX 2s, the Mi 8 and the Mi 8 SE shows that the microphone got the same problem, wathever the device or the ROM version (MIUI 9 or 10 it's the same).. It's like they...
  3. Arguuo

    Force Close On Updater And Apps

    I can't update with OTA because the updater app force close everytime I click download, and Xbox app forceclose everytime I try to use a picture (from gallery or files explorer), here are logs (snapchat keeps forceclose sometimes too but I don't have logs) Device : MIX 2 Version : 9.3 - 8.3.8...
  4. Arguuo

    New Bank's Payment App Fc Every Time

    My bank's NFC Payment app (which is a Paylib solution) FC every time I try to pay with. I tried to allow the auto-start, to dismiss any restriction to save battery, I checked if I'm correctly using the HCE Wallet and if my bank's app is the default payment app. But it keeps crashing when I put...
  5. Arguuo

    Infinite Print Error Notification

    I have two print error notifications that I can't swipe to remove, or open because the default app for printing (which seems to be the Settings app) FC every time Device : MIX 2 Version : 9.3 - 8.2.1 Weekly Logs of the FC : java.lang.StackOverflowError: stack size 8MB at...
  6. Arguuo

    Spotify Black Control Shortcuts

    When I'm listening to music on Spotify (I guess it's the same with other music players) the notification which allow to control with shortcuts is all black (as in the screenshot) and I can't see anything, but if I clic on the right place it works. Phone : MIX 2 Version : 9.3 - 8.1.18 Weekly...
  7. Arguuo

    New Camera App Crashes When Settings Have Been Changed

    Default Camera app is working properly when I don't touch the photo settings (inside the camera app on the top right), but if I change the photo settings (as the contrast, color saturation and the sharpness setting) the app FC each time I'm taking a picture. Phone : MIX 2 Version : 9.3 - 8.1.18...
  8. Arguuo

    Flashlight And Face Recognition

    There is no more Face recognition option in settings > lockscreen & password (as in screenshot) And the "wallpaper carousel" button in lockscreen shortcuts turns on the flashlight, but the flashlight button do nothing Device : MIX 2 Version : 9.3 - 8.1.18 Weekly Envoyé de mon MIX 2 en...
  9. Arguuo

    New Spotify Drains Battery

    When I'm listening to music on Spotify in background (with screen off) the battery is drained so much, and the phone is heating. Don't know if it comes from the Spotify app, or from this version of MIUI9 but I can't use it without charging my phone at the same time because it will drain all my...
  10. Arguuo

    Invalid The "using Gps" Notification Is Boring

    This is a feature I guess, but the notification which say "This app use GPS location" should can be disabled. It's boring because of the app icon in the status bar which looks like a new notification, and when we pull down the notification center we just see "Searching GPS... - Snapchat" or...
  11. Arguuo

    New Screen Recorder Has Disappeared

    I don't find anymore the Screen Recorder system app on MIX 2, with the 7.12.7 Weekly version. The shortcut is still present in Smart Assistant on the left of homescreen (but in a grey shortcut saying "not installed") and when clicked, a popup say "Can't open Screen Recorder" and...
  12. Arguuo

    Paylib With

    Hello, is there some french guys using Paylib solution for NFC Payments with a ROM here ? I wonder if it works when the bootloader is unlocked. I saw in features : SafetyNet passed (Android Pay) But what about other solutions than Android Pay ? :rolleyes: