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  1. DarKnight2174

    Mi Sound enhancer not working

    Hello guys. I'm currently on Stable V12.5.7.0 lavender and everything seems fine but this huge detail. The Mi Sound Enhancer won't work. Not with wired or Bluetooth earphones. Is there a way to fix this bug with a magisk module? Not ViperFX or something like that. I prefer the Mi Sound...
  2. DarKnight2174

    New Sound Problem with MIUI 12 Stable on Redmi Note 7 Lavender

    The only bug I've found on stable ROM is that sometimes when I'm using my phone the notification sound goes off for no reason. There's nothing I can do about it so I restart my phone and everything goes back to normal....Is there any way to fix this? Thank you
  3. DarKnight2174

    Pixel Experience

    Hello guys! I have a friend with a Redmi note 7 lavender and he wants to install Pixel Experience Plus. But there it says he needs to wipe system. Is that the only way? I mean...DOES HE has to wipe system? Because this wonderful doesn't need that wipe. Thanks
  4. DarKnight2174

    China app vault on global ROM

    Hello guys. I've a really good question here. Is it possible to install the marvelous China app vault on global ROM without root or having to install a whole new custom ROM? Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. DarKnight2174

    Invalid Downloading System Apps from

    This question could be a little hedious after I publish it but here it goes. Can I have the Apks of based on MIUI separately? If so...Will I be able to install them on my phone? I've installed a lot of roms but my battery discharges faster than usual so I decided going back...
  6. DarKnight2174

    Issue installing Samsung Health on my device

    Hello guys! Can you tell me how I manage to install Samsung Health application on my device? I read in an article it is possible but yet I can't do it. My device is a Redmi Note 7 currently running MIUI 11 PFGEUXM If you could help me I'd be really grateful. Thanks a lot.
  7. DarKnight2174

    New Incoming call bug

    When I receive an incoming call I can perfectly hear the other person's voice but she/he can't hear mine. Is there a way I could fix this without reinstalling the stock rom? My device is a Redmi Note 7 currently running MIUI 12 BETA 20.4.27
  8. DarKnight2174

    Upgrade Stable ROMs

    Hello guys. I have a question and I've searched through the forum but I can't find a thread that deals with the doubt so precisely. I'm pondering right here. Let's suppose I have MIUI 11 stable version by and suddenly a new stable version of MIUI 12 by arrives. Can I dirty...
  9. DarKnight2174

    GSM alphabet

    Is the GSM alphabet in SMS a feature or a MIUI 12 feature? I didn't have it before with stock ROM.
  10. DarKnight2174

    Returning to stock rom methods

    Hello guys. I'm in a doubt here. If I want to return to my Stock it obligated to do it via MiFlash? What other reliable methods and procedures I could use to go back to my stock ROM. Shall I use the fastboot ROMs or the Recovery ROMs? My device is a Redmi Note 7 currently running MIUI...
  11. DarKnight2174 BETA to Stable

    Hello guys. First of all I'd like to thank you all for releasing these marvelous ROMs to the world. I'm a newbie in this field and I'd like to know a few things. I have currently the 27.4.20 MIUI 12 BETA version in my Redmi Note 7. How can I switch to a Stable version of ? Do I have...
  12. DarKnight2174

    OTA updates

    Is it possible to obtain small OTAs instead downloading the whole ROM from internet? Please help.