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    New Mi9t miui

    i have 12.1.2 stable and i have mi9t no redmi k20
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    New Mi9t miui

    Update to miui change phone name mi9t to redmi k20. Dark mode in settings miui files is grey black
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    Upgrade to miui 12.5

    I need format data to update stable rom miui 12.5 from stable 12.1.2 ? Or only wipe cache and dalvik ?
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    Play store uninstall app

    does anyone know why this option stopped working? I uninstalled the miui messages this way. At some point, this feature stopped working
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    How to revert to the global EE

    I have a question. How to revert to the global EEA version. I currently have the Miui 12.1.2 stable version. However, for some reason I don't know why I don't have TWRP on my phone. The key combination puts the phone in fastboot mode. the phone originally had Global EEA software
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    Invalid Pdf file in sms

    Hello. Why i cant see the PDF file in miui message app ?
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    New Darkmode making text invisible

    Wejdź -ustawienia - wyświetlacz - ciemny motyw - poszczególne aplikacje. Wyłącz tam ciemny motyw i bedzie dobrze