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  1. jjoeshua

    Get apps application

    I have Xiaomi 11T pro (VILI) and I can't use get apps application, if is this ROM that I use , stable based on Chinese roms why get apps not working?
  2. jjoeshua

    Brave browser

    How many of you using Brave Browser? How did you satisfied with ads , lately l dont get ads as i before ? Do someone using VPN? Will it help.? What is the best? Please help me ro reach over 100ads... Last month I have over 120 now barely 40.. I am using nightly on my mobile ,any advice? I an...
  3. jjoeshua

    I have Gauguin. Redmi note 9 pro 5g

    I installed wathsup,since my phone have dual sim card ,,i decide to remove SD card and put another sim card. But the second one iz not working,can someone help me to fix this, and have fully working to sim card in WhatsApp??? Help?
  4. jjoeshua

    MIUI 12 camera

    Is it possible to get MIUI in APK format and install it on other ROMs ,flash or what ever is need. Is anyone do or try that? Can someone help me, explain me.. Have files? Thx
  5. jjoeshua

    Battery for Poco f2 pro

    I was searching for battery to buy for my F2 pro and found this two with different code on it, what is the original battery is anyone know and what is difference between this two: BN43 and BM4Q
  6. jjoeshua

    Unable to flash phone wont boot

    I have rom for last six months or more, I have stock rom 12.04. global , bootloader unlocked. First problem start when I try to flash TWRP, I do it without errors,but when I try format data, I got error Unable to mount data, after that partition show Omb, I must go back to stock ,to...
  7. jjoeshua

    Cant Activate Sim Card

    after flashing this rom, Xiaomi activation take out all my credit ,wtf is this? why I paying for sms every time that I turn on phone, or after restart???? why is this affecting my credit on phone???? I lost my all credit and now I can not use Mi sync because I dont have any money left for...
  8. jjoeshua

    Orangefox for LMI

    is there oprions to install orangefox recovery on Poco F2 pro ? does anyone know?
  9. jjoeshua

    Forefox and QR code

    I use Firefox on my code nad there is a options to scan QR code to be able to enter site, does this site have this options and where can I find it
  10. jjoeshua

    Battery Life on Weekly MIUI 12 ROM

    I was wondering, how impact on battery have this weekly changing ROM and flashing new system every 7 days..? after flashing new update and couple days pass until ROM settle on phone ,and phone get use to new system , then comes new update.. is this can be bad for battery? updating ,changing...
  11. jjoeshua

    Stuck on 20.10.15 weekly without TWRP

    I flashed in TWRP latest version of weekly 20.10.15 and after that I was trying to enter TWRP ,phone just reboot, try to flash the same version , phone stuck on POCO logo and keeps just restarting. I can enter to TWRP to restore my previous Backup of version before this. I will lost everything...
  12. jjoeshua

    Can't edit build.prop file Poco F2 PRO

    on my Poco F2 Pro and I was able to install TWRP correctly as well as Magisk canary Only, the root does not seem complete and the modification of build.prop to 0755 via TWRP is not possible. So I end up with a rooted device but half. Ex: AdAway only works with a rooted device works perfectly...
  13. jjoeshua

    EDL mode and flash China Stable Rom

    after installing rom, magisk canary root, I lost Fingerprint and can not fix it by flash rom mi flash tools fastboot , or twrp flash rom, I need EDL mode but every rom needs authorized account , do China stable rom also need it? only flashing by EDL mode I will be able to fix...
  14. jjoeshua

    I lost fingerprint sensor how to fix it?

    I am On rom weekly , I install magisk and root phone after that , I download global fastboot ROM.. unpack and take persist.img ,install persist.img in TWRP into persist partition and pass Safetynet, after that because of banking app I try to nide magisk manager canary, after I do that...
  15. jjoeshua

    Magisk Canary manager failed to Hide

    I try option to hide Magisk Manager but I always get some error, operation failed.. Is there any solution for this.. I use weekly rom , rooted, safetynet pass ,but now I can not hide Magisk Canary manager.. Sent from my lmi using Tapatalk
  16. jjoeshua

    Poco F2 Pro Weekly Rom ,how to pass SAFETYNET?

    I have install Weekly rom, install Magisk canary. and also root my phone.. now I lost my banking app for paying and google play store, can not buy game anymore.. is there any way to pass safety net? did Magisk porps can do something about that? edit device fingerprint force basic...
  17. jjoeshua

    Flash weekly rom on Poco F2 pro successfully, what about ROOT?

    I want to root my phone, I have weekly rom flashed and TWRP to.. what Magisk work? What can I flash from TWRP without cousin bootloop or something? Thanks Sent from my Redmi K30 Pro using Tapatalk
  18. jjoeshua

    TWRP for Poco F2 pro

    I need help about TWRP , I am unlock Boootloader and now I want to flash TWRP through ADB , but I dont know what TWRP file to Download for my phone can someone help me? is this ok ? for -Android- Generic Device/Other here is 106 files of TWRP...
  19. jjoeshua

    Redmi Note 8 pro EU rom flashing

    Hello, I have RN8 pro with Eu rom, can someone help me, I search but didnt find, I need full guide how to flash custom rom to my phone. I have unlocked bootloader.. so, I need next step.. custom recovery.. rooting..