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  1. shocks

    CM11 Heimi Black Rice for M2/2s

    Hi guys, just want to share, it seems i need to create new thread instead of posting in some specific thread, since this rom is slightly different from Roms on previous threads. battery life: my setting: 2G, wifi on, without underclock, without greenify. ON DEMAND cpu governor, DALVIK mode...
  2. shocks

    [ask] using MIUI system apk on other ROM

    Hi guys, just want to ask. now i dual boot my system, AOSP 4.4.2 and WIUI. clearly i want to switch to AOSP 4.4.2 as my daily use, but i miss many COOL stock apps from MIUI. in this case, camera (but M1cha has ported it), compass, gallery, FM radio and so on. so my question will be: is it...
  3. shocks

    Question about CustomROM updating

    Hi guys, i have few questions about custom ROM updating, especially for those that have OTA update. just as an example, now i use Mokee latest version. now, the case is: there is new update. OTA version, and full ROM version download. my questions are simple, 1. is it possible to update by...
  4. shocks

    [ROM] N+ ROM (Based on Mokee Kitkat opensource) for Aries

    Hi guys, just found this on, and i have tried (but for a moment. i need longer times to make conclusion). so far so good about the battery life. by default, energy saving mode is activated (in battery setting) Original thread of this ROM :