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  1. Absolute

    [SUGGESTION] Clear single notifications

    In Android 3.0 and in CM7 there is a way to clear just one notification or each notification one at a 3.0 there's a small X to click and in CM7 (at least when I last used it) you could swipe the notification left or right to clear it from the panel. So Mark, I am asking if you can...
  2. Absolute

    Petition for new smilies!!

    MIUI is hot. the smilies are not. plus they seem to not be coded correctly to American smiley symbols. Anyone else feel new smilies would be a plus?
  3. Absolute

    About the SMS Pop-up integration

    Could whomever translates to our talented Chinese initial devs (assuming they added the SMS popup) see about adding SMS threading to's a great tool and I use it always but it sucks when my friend (who likes to reply in many small messages as opposed to long lines) sends like 6 messages...
  4. Absolute

    Periodic Mildly Annoyed SMS force close

    Every so often after I send a message the app will force close... Nothing is lost and I just have to open it again but it is mildly annoying. Will post a logcat after the next time it happens.
  5. Absolute

    So let me get this straight...

    MIUI is a 100% AOSP based custom built version of Android made by fans for fans? If it is WOW...CM still has a special place in my heart but what MIUI did with the same code is simply amazing.