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    Mi 11 Lite 5G TWRP

    Hello all, As there is no fastboot rom anymore for the Mi 11 LITE 5G I have a question. Can someone tell me which TRWP can be used to install the current rom. and if possible how t install it properly. I had a look in a german forum but unfortunate there is no solution all end in a...
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    Mi 11 Lite 5G how todisable MVIMG pictures

    Hello Today I recognised that my Mi11 Lite is taking pictures as MVIMG, this means its always a small movie behind (iphone like) as 1 picture takes about 21MB I kindly ask how to disable this featute in the stock camera of 21.6.16? Thanks Molki
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    New Mi 9 Se dark mode WiFi waves black

    Dear all, I have the problem on Mi Mi 9SE running on mui 9.11.7 that as soon as I turn on the dark mode the wifif symbol and the battery symbol become black. This makes it hard to read, specially when the bt and the phone symbols stay white. Please see the attached screenshot. I tried a...
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    Streaming not possible

    Hi, I use a mi 6 with 18.20.09 installed. Since a few months I cannot steam videos or other content to a TV. Having a look in the settings shows that screen mirroring is turned on, but I can't search for devices. Also I do not have ha streaming button available in YouTube. Can anybody give me a...
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    Redmi 4x With Mtk Or Snapdragon

    Dear all, I want to swap from my Mi 4c to a redmi 4x. At the moment I am searching the net for a 4gb 64gb snapdragon version. Now I would like to know your feedback should I go for a snapdragon or an mtk soc? I mainly use the phone for surfing, email downloads, and making calls, except Sudoku I...
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    Update To Miui 9 Including Twrp Issues

    Hi all, I want to update my mi 4c to miui 9 I downloaded the update and as well the twrp for Android 7. My first issue is when I install twrp (tried via fastboot and twrp app) I cannot boot into recovery anymore. Can someone please give a guidance to update Iam running the 4c currently on...