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  1. Vyto-Khron

    OTA not working?

    When I press the "check for updates" button in Updater app, I get a toast message saying I am up-to-date although I am still on 21.2.4. Why?
  2. Vyto-Khron

    Cannot access Android/data files in file manager in latest MIUI 12.5 (A11)

    The default file manager gives the following error message: "Cannot access items. Try using Android Storage Access Framework instead." Is this new to Android 11 or am I missing something? Running MIUI 12.5 (21.2.4)
  3. Vyto-Khron

    Cannot boot to system. Dumps me back to recovery. Fastboot accessible

    I flashed the latest @geoanto555 twrp and then tried PitchBlackRecovery before returning to twrp via fastboot. When I tried to reboot to system, it returns me to recovery. I get the following error in twrp: enablefilecrypto_failed Running MIUI 12.3 weekly on ginkgo
  4. Vyto-Khron

    New Decryption problem in TWRP on Redmi Note 8

    Find the original post here. We have a few questions that we would like the mods to answer: Is it affecting all RN8 devices or have we somehow messed up the installation? Is this an issue on your side or Xiaomi's side? Could it be intentional or you believe it will be fixed in future updates...
  5. Vyto-Khron

    OTA survival with Magisk root

    On the official global MIUI rom, I had to use the "OTA survival" option in OrangeFox recovery for incremental OTA updates to work with root installed. My question is: does this version, i.e. MIUI EU, offer incremental OTA updates (small size ones < 1GB) or is it a full recovery rom every time...