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    New [SGS2]Dialer bug

    This aint a real bug but it bug the hell out of me. Can the chinese give any sort of timeframe to when the butt-ugly stock dialer will be changed, can it even be changed? Until then, I'm on Adyscorpius Miui release which is based on CM9, if we SGS2 users have to live with a stock or a themed...
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    Gonna miss MIUI (just for now I hope)

    I have bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I want to ask Mark if he knows the chinese plans for that device. I would love to use MIUI on that gadget :).
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    Tapatalk and Miui on 2.3.

    Hi all, I have a small problem with MIUI for Desire since the Gingerbread update. I'm lurking around in 5 or 6 different forums and relay on Tapatalk for this. When I use Tapatalk with the the light theme and enter a thread everything becomes black when scrolling, I don't experience this outside...
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    How to ghange foldericons?

    How do I change the icons for the Miui folder? I'm using the Suave iphone icons and want to have a suave styled folder and no I don't want the theme some dude made here. Thanks for any help on this. /ZeD
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    Changing the dock?

    In what place can I find the graphics for the dockbar? Can I change the graphics for the dock bar and just push it back in, will Miui pick the new graphics up?
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    Change icons within framework.

    [SOLVED] Change icons within framework. How can I change the icons resting inside the framework folder, not all system applications takes their icons from '~/customized_1' folder. Can 'NinjaMorph' be used for this or is there some other way, I mean someone have done it, there are several...