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    LogCAT - MMS.apk Force Close Errors

    Problem Solved. No need :) Thanks guys.
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    Lockscreen Slider Disappears

    So my lockscreen slider doesn't display while I have the personal pattern code enabled. It used to display at one time and then suddenly disappeared. So now when I have my screen locked, it shows the pattern grid only. Before I'd have to slide down the locksreen slider to reveal pattern. If I...
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    Bugs Galore - Nexus S

    1. MMS messages any size do NOT download. It just keeps saying 'downloading' indefinitely 2. Pattern Lock Screen enabled disables sliding lock screen after a few hours of use. Not initially. At first the sliding lockscreen is present and then simply vanishes. Will only return after pattern lock...
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    Dark Theme Issues

    The dark theme appears to be causing a noticeable amount of performance degradation and lagging after this theme being applied on a Nexus S. There are some report of issues on this site with different phones and on the Nexus S XDA Development thread. I've personally installed it myself...
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    Frozen at 'Google' screen after new ROM + English Language Pack Install

    Rebooted my*phone and its frozen at the 'Google' screen. Will try a reinstall shortly