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    In Progress SIP DON'T WORK ON 2.5.25

    Changelog: 2.5.25 [Phone] .... - Repair FC, playing SIP phone ..... - Restoration of two SIP phones are not set.... ... SIP function never worked for me in MIUI 4. Message: Impossibile to connect..i go back and account setting go away... Please help me to solve this issue!
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    Wifi direct it's impossible to setting

    Hello Friends, I found a bug from a different versions of MIUI. On Galaxy S2 the setting on wifi direct is impossible to view. Any solution?
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    In Progress Hipserv don't work 2.4.27

    Hello friends, can anyone help me to solve the problem with "hipserv" app? This app work fine with stock rom and GB MIUI, but it's impossible to connect with MIUI ICS...please i use this app for work. Thanks advance!