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    Tutorial Stock ROM| Mi Pad 4 Plus Stock Firmware (Fastboot+Recovery)

    Hi, This is a tutorial to flash the STOCK firmware of Mi Pad 4 Plus (LTE+WiFi). V10.3.2.0.ODJCNXM 20190515 [Fastboot ROM]: Download Guide Xiaomi Drivers Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool
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    MIUI 10.x for Mi Pad 4 Plus

    Hi, I saw that there is MIUI 10.4 STABLE version for the Mi Pad 4 / Plus. Is there a newer version of MIUI for Mi Pad 4 Plus? Thanks.
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    Difference between MIUI versions

    Hi, I've seen that there are some releases of MIUI versions and I've wanted to know yhe difference between them. 1. 9.10.17 2. 9.10.10/11 3. 9.9.26/27 - V2 aren't those the same weekly MIUI 11 rom releases? Thanks [emoji4] Sent from my MI 8 Lite using Tapatalk
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    Going from 11 stable to 11 beta (9.10.17+)

    Hi I have mi 8 lite, had on beta of miui 10. updated to miui 11 (wipe data & cach & dalvik). battery is draining faster comparing to global official rom. I want to go to Beta 9.10.10 or up. should I just format cache & dalvik or I need to format data as well?.. (and some other?) Thanks...
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    Help | Install Twrp

    I'm trying to install TWRP GIMINI Miui v8 (Mi 5) All Ok, but when I boot to the recovery twrp, it's not responding and freeze.. any help on that? I have the 32GB model I'm on global ROM
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    New Phone Mi5 Questions

    Hi, So I've got a brand new Mi5 phone with International Global ROM. I've unlocked my Bootloader of the phone. 1. How do I install the MIUIandroid ROM? Do I need to wipe something or just flash it? can you please specify the proccess? 2. The ROM gets update every week. How do I install that...
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    New BUG| Bluetooth volume

    Hi, There is a bug with the bluetooth when connected to car / headset or bluetooth media device. Scenario: 1. connect phone to Bluetooth device. 2. Make a phoe call. 3. Bluetooth volume is very low. FIX: 1. connect phone to Bluetooth device. 2. Make a phone call. 3. Turn off Bluetooth. 4...
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    Miui older versions

    Hi, I'm looking for the MIUI version 4.6.13 because there is a huge problem with gapps in above this version. Where can I find it? Also, if I install the ROM from the original site of MIUI, I have no google related application nor services.. How do I fix this? Thanks! :=)
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    New [BUG] vibrate to beat

    When the phone e connects to Bluetooth, the music player auto starts and it vibrate go the beat of the song.. It should be only for calls.. Also, Priting doesn't work.. It crashes and sometimes the permissions app crashes too.. I have Xiaomi Mi3 4.6.20
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    MIUI on SG2 & SOD (Sleep Of Death)

    Does anyone has the SOD on SG 2 with latest MIUI on it? 2.20.28? I have this version above, didn't change kernel, have ADATA 32GB Class 10 microSDHC, sometimes the wifi is on (off most of time..) and there is the annoying SOD that the phone just turned off... Any solution for this problem...
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    Help| FC when pushing framework SG2 after sidebar change

    Hi, I'm trying to set the alphabet side index in contacts to hebrew chars. I'm changing the following files: First: in framework-miui-res.apk: values-en-rUS -> arrays.xml : <array name="config_virtualKeyUpPattern" /> <string-array name="alphabet_table"> <item>\#</item>...