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    [1.7.29][HD2] DND Mode not translated

    Settings -> Personal -> DND Mode All settings are in Chinese :/
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    HD2, 1.6.10. 1e Dialer background

    I'm using my gf picture on lockscreen. Every time if someone is calling to me i see my lockscreen picture (my gf) and each time i think that she is calling. is there any "something" to change that?
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    1.6.3, HD2, Calendar - You have no calendars (?)

    Calendar -> <select day> -> new event -> "you have no calendars." So... i cannot add any events.
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    HD2, 1.5.20, Screen "color" changing

    Sometimes, screen itselfs is changing "color" to something like "negative". The only way to restore normal color is reboot. First time it happens after i closed camera, second after unlocked screen.
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    HD2, 1.5.20, My Location

    Use Wireless Network option in My Location is alway ON. Switch wont change it state couse I agreeded Google license by mistake and now had no way back.
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    HD2, 1.5.20, My Location - Use WiFi Net - always on

    Settings -> Personal -> My Location -> Use Wireless Networks is alway ON. It sets itself ON after entering menu "My Location".