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    New MIUI 10.0.8 - Changing Lockscreen Signature and Clock format doesnt work

    Phone: Pofco F1 Rom: MIUI 10.0.8 As describe in the header.
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    New MIUI 11.0.8 - Mi File Explorer Create a .FE_TMP in SDCard and block by Mi Antivirus causing an access issue on it.

    Phone : Pofo F1 ROm: Xiaomi MIUI 11.0.8 When moving a file using Mi File Explorer in an SD Card , it creates a .fe_tmp file in the root folder of it that will cause the System to think that the SD Card Storage needs to be fixed. When ignored, the SD Card will automatically be corrupted then...
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    Suddenly my SD Card cant be seen in MIUI 11. I had no issues of whatsoever in MIUI 10.

    Thanks for the reply @Edgar62 . Right now , I havent done anything yet. But What I notice is , the SD Card is detected but it appears to be ready for Unmount and you have no options to it. The system cant even display its content and couldnt see it affecting all other app as well. The problem...
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    Suddenly my SD Card cant be seen in MIUI 11. I had no issues of whatsoever in MIUI 10.

    I was blaming myself of why did I just updated to MIUI 11 STABLE version. It broke my ROOT. It has a problem with existing Magisk Module. It hides my other apps. Now it cant see my SD CARD. I had takes time to fix all of them. Now I cant see my SD Card, and the system ui Storage is detecting it...
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    Noob Question: Could somebody answer my question about Updating EU through settings?

    Does updating the EU rom from settings erases something specially your data and apps?
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    START in BACKGROUND Permission does not save after changing (9.4.18)

    Whatever i do in the PERMISSION > Start in Background, it still doesn't save it.
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    [INFO] Known Issues (Weekly) & FAQ

    POCO F1 here in 9.4.18. The app permission in START in BACKGROUND cannot be change even whatever you tick or untick the boxes as soon as you go back.