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    Whatsapp notifications

    Hello, I've got an issue with whatsapp notifications. My phone is Mi 8 SE with stable version MIUI 12.0.2 by When someone calls me on WhatsApp, my phone doesn't vibrate. It's not the case with messages. When I activate the ringtone, notifications work fine. Do you have an idea why...
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    Reinstall system app

    Hello, I debloat a system app (YouTube) to reinstall a patched one. My phone is Xiaomi MI 11 lite 5G global version rooted with magisk installed. I successfully uninstall YouTube with debloater. I wanted to reinstall it, but I got an error when I try with an APK file or with play store. "Un...
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    New Internal Storage error

    Hello, Because of google update 2 days ago, my phone (mi 8 SE) doesn't work well. Every app crashed. So, I reinstalled xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8SE_V12.0.2.0.QEBCNXM_v12-10 But now I've got a new problem : the phone tells me that I need to add an SD card. It seems the internal storage isn't available...
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    Invalid Photos WhatsApp

    Hello ! I installed the last weekly version 9.3.28. I noticed the shortcut Photos WhatsApp didn't work. Here is the crash dialog. I've got something written in Chinese too. java.lang.RuntimeException: Need camera permission. at at...
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    Invalid Quick app crash on my mi 8 se

    Hello, I tried to change the parameters of quick app, and everytime I tried, the app crash. Here is the log file. I'm running with stable version 10.2.2. Thanks. java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get provider org.hapjs.bridge.provider.SettingsProvider...
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    Resolved App lock bugs with Mi 8 SE

    Hello, I've got a bug with the app lock. When I'm opening the parameters, the app crashes. So, I cannot hide apps... This is happening with stable version 10.2.3. I reinstalled 10.2.2 because I'm having to much bugs with the other one (music problems too). Here is the log file ...
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    New Why does my music pause randomly while my phone is locked and in my pocket?

    Hello ! I'm stucked with this bug since I'm using an android phone (MI 8 SE with stable version 10.2.2 of I'm listening music with app of miui. All the music is stored inside my phone (in mp3). I'm getting no issue when I'the phone is unlock or lock in my hand. But, almost...
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    Invalid Fastboot loop with MI 8 SE

    Hello everyone, I tried to update the new stable version of (10.2) using the updater app. After that, the phone doesn't want to start and is stucked in fastboot. I can't ever boot with twrp. Could you help me ? I'm not the only one with this issue. Thanks
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    Translation issues of the web navigator

    Hello, I noticed there are still chinese language in the xiaomi's navigator. It would be great if you could remove theses chinese suggestions. Thanks by advance
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    Personalize home page of chrome

    Hello, I would like to personalize the home page of chrome. Do you know how to modify these shortcuts (Facebook, YouTube...) ? Thanks by advance
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    Add holidays in miui calendar

    Hello ! I would like to add Jewish holidays in my calendar of my mi 8 se. I tried using my Google calendar account, but it's not working. The Jewish holidays aren't recognized by the phone. Do you know how I could do it ? Thanks by advance
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    French translation issues in App Vault and Wallpaper Settings

    Hello ! I noticed the App Vault isn't translated in French in the stable version 10.0. You can see in the pictures what isn't translated. Thanks by advance :)
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    New Clock in french

    Hello everyone, I'm using in french with my mi 8 se and it's working great. I was just wondering if it would be possible to change the clock format when the phone is sleeping. I mean, the number is after the month, but in french it should be before. Like today : it should be "17...
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    New Mi 8 SE : music crash

    Hello, I installed stable version in my phone. It's all great, except for listening music with earphone type-C (Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-ear Earphones Type-C Version). Sometimes, that app "music" bugs and I don't hear anything except crunch sound which hurts the ears. It works...