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    Invalid Double tap to turn screen on/off doesn't always work

    About once every day, i have to disable and enable it again. The log is while the screen wasnt turning on by double tapping
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    Can you guys create a way for unlimited google photos storage?

    I'm talking about something like this, since storage for pixel devices is unlimited and a bunch of custom roms have it. Plus google play services recognize most devices as Pixel 2 if it helps. This could also be useful for the developer and the others in this project since they will be able to...
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    Just flashed but i have a few questions.

    Both will be like global rom once your phone gets miui 13. On the meantime, the global font is roboto before miui 13 and mi sans pro in miui 13. There is a thread for icons but i cant find it right now
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    From Xiaomi EU to Global?

    You can just select clean all and lock in mi flash
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    New GPS going crazy when android auto is connected

    No, I hope that the android 12 update fixed it. I haven't tested it again
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    Problem contrl center

    For some reason the system UI plugin which is responsible for this is not updated:(
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    Invalid Chinese almost everywhere in mi fitness

    Do you pass safetynet?
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    New Gboard freezes when switching language

    I haven't faced this issue since I updated to Android 12
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    Can I direct flash MIUI13 Stable to K30 in flashing from a bootloop?

    I know. Isn't miui 13 released for it?
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    Can I direct flash MIUI13 Stable to K30 in flashing from a bootloop?

    Flash stable using the script that also formats data
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    Can somebody please tell me why this module installs on magisk but disappears on reboot?
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    Any plans on supporting redmi k40s? (not k40)

    What cpu does it have?
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    [MIUI 13][MAGISK][ROOT] Enable dark mode on third party apps

    Tested on Poco F2 Pro (MIUI13.0.2) and it works❤️
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    How can I export latest system ui-plugin from the latest weekly beta without flashing it?

    I'd like to flash it because stable versions still have the version while in beta i think it's newer
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 - new- google maps problem

    Try to uninstall and install it again
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    Voice Match / OK Google don,t work / Redmi K30 5G

    You have to select English as Google assistant language. Maybe system too, I don't know. I have English for both
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    Voice Match / OK Google don,t work / Redmi K30 5G

    Works fine on redmi k30 pro
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    Google Services

    You wanted to download the files.. Go there and search
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    New Brightness slider bug

    I won't go back and set my phone again for a minor and probably simple bug