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    gps since gingerbread.

    since MIUI upgrade to gingerbread i can't use my GPS. I using milestone, and i try everything, i use FasterFix to change the atp server (also i do it manually). GpsFix and GPS status also. the weird thing that on CM7 the GPS work just fine! if any of you know some member of the Chinese...
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    phone.apk FC

    when i press *444 the phone force closing, anyone can check it on his own phone? if it just in my machine i think i can fix it. but i need to be sure . maor.
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    GPS unfunctional on milestone help me out!!

    the history: in 2.2.1 the GPS worked fine, but since the update to 2.3.3 its just stop. i am using miui since 10/2010 and then in 1.3.25 i think, when they upgrade to 2.3.3 the problem showed up. i already tried to fix the parameters throw the file using adb, but its not the problem, i...
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    if i want to translate??

    which files should i translate in the framework-res.apk? i open it with the apktool and now i need list of files that i need to change, to be sure that i dont miss any.. thanks, maor.
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    milestone really get 2.3.3?????

    if i'm install miui 1.4.1 my android upgrade to 2.3.3?? it shouldnt be done by the rsd light?? i mean that to upgrade android version you need to burn through the bootloader and not simply the openrecovery... and what is deodexed??
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    finally thank you!!

    at last here it come! please upload the last RTL update i need it fast! 0.12.18