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    Mi9SE - Is it possible to pass safetynet with the last stable?

    Hi guys, Since a few days/weeks my revolut app was not updated and I did notice this only a few days ago. I have tried to remove and reinstall it, but I have a no-go from google play right now. I just noticed it seems to come from Magisk/root... It was working well since then. Is there any way...
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    Any chance to get Miui 13 for Mi9SE?

    Hi guys, Has anyone any information about a chance to get MIUI 13 (stable rom) on the Mi9SE? Not sure I well understood, when a phone is considered EOL is it just for the beta rom, or also for the stable one? Cheers David
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    Xiaomi Smartphone with screen size of max 6" still existing (new smartphone) ?

    Hi guys, I have actually a MI 9 SE which makes me very happy, but my 64Go size is now very short regarding all the "s**t" I have stored on it. As I'm a "collector", I'm reluctant to delete any info, picture, etc... If I'll not have any other choice I will do it, but... Is there any new model in...
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    Is it possible to reorder songs in playlist?

    Hi guys, I'm on the last weekly rom, and when I create a new playlist, I can't reorder the songs in the playlist. I assume this is one of the basic things we should be able to do, I'm quite surprised that this is not "working" on my mi9se. Is that something "wrong" or this function is simply...
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    Dirty flash Android 11 on MI9SE ?

    Hi guys, Does anyone a dirty flash from A10 -> A11, without problems (boot or after when rebooted) ? Cheers. David
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    How to deactivate a google account without deleting it?

    Hi guys, I would like to know how it is possible to remove a google account on my phone without deleting it. I mean i got the account of my wife on my phone to be able to share a common calendar together, but i noticed that this ******* account shared also my contacts with her... I would like to...
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    Possibility to swap internal sd by external sd card using EU version?

    Hi guys, i bought to someone, a redmi 7A, at the moment there is still the global rom installed on it, but i would like to know if it's possible by rooting and installing the EU version, if i can cheat the system by having the external SD card (32Go) reconized as the internal SD card, in order...
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    Without any prompt is that taken in account the unlock "demand"?

    Hi guys, i start to think i missed something or it's just normal and i'm waiting a confirmation... So just to do not make any mistakes, i took this video myself going on the miui unlock website (have deleted all cookies to be sure no interferences): (i have hided a...
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    Impossible to unlock something strange into Fastboot mode?

    Hi guys, just got my new mi9se today and tried to unlock it, but it seems something is strange into the fastboot mode. As soon as i reboot under fastboot mode, i have the nice picture fastboot, but as soon as i want to use either miflash unlock or Xiaomi tool v2 as soon as i go under fastboot...
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    Mi9 SE date of sale?

    Hi guys, there are some contradictory infos on internet about the Mi9 Se, i would like to get a phone similar in order of size to my Mi4C, so the 9 Se looks similar in (phone) dimensions. Hovewer the problem is to get a clear date of sale, is it already available in the global version (France &...
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    How to come back from AICP to MIUI 10 (Mi4C)?

    Hi guys, when i saw the EOL of my Mi4C i was interested to test AICP with android 8.1, so i did install it 3 weeks ago. After 3 weeks there is too much things which are not working good enough for me to stay under AICP. Before to swap the roms, i did backup everything with TRWP. I did flash...
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    Trwp To Be Installed

    Hi guys, i'm trying to install trwp on my phone but it's not working, i'm using fastboot (see below) : C:\adb>fastboot oem device-info (bootloader) Device tampered: false (bootloader) Device unlocked: true (bootloader) Device critical unlocked: true (bootloader) Charger screen...
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    Mi Cloud How To Create A New Account If Pwd Lost ?

    Hi everybody, i'm struggled at the moment, on my phone (MI4C) i have changed my second sim card, and Mi Cloud requires an activation, i didn't change it since long time ago, and of course i can't remeber the pwd... Easy, i have thinked, go to and recover the password, but my problem...
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    Internet Theatering Is Working?

    Hi guys, I'm currently fighting against my Mi4C, to get Internet theatering, I've tried with wifi, usb and bt, no one is working... I'm under the 30th mars rom and i don't have the possibility to download the last one. Do an app on the play store offer me the possibility to do theatering...