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  1. fusionjack

    New [2.10.12] [GT-I9100] Browser: FC on advanced setting and Baidu as default search engine

    Hi, I noticed this bug today as I surf with Miui default browser: Searching anything on browser's status bar leads to Baidu search engine. As I want to switch default search engine in advanced setting, FC occurs. I made a fix for this, you can download it here and flash it in CWM...
  2. fusionjack

    [MOD] [3.2.22] Control Panel Suite [DISCONTINUED]

    I am sharing here my work to give MIUIAndroid users some more customisation options for their ROM. Control Panel: Each week lenny_kano and myself work on making more of the options available on MIUI Australia ROMs usable for all MIUIAndroid devices, as another way of supporting the great work...