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  1. mjarian

    New SGS 2 - 2.9.7 - bugs

    1. wrong sms sent time!! 2. Alarm crash 3. group massage doesn't show in inbox!! New message - > Select a new contact there isn't in your inbox, and send a sms and see this bug! 4. suggestion: please add a option to turn off "torch in lock screen by home key" feature! because of random turning...
  2. mjarian

    In Progress SGS2 - 2.7.6 - trouble battery drain!!

    Very bad battery drain in 2.7.6 version! I was in 2.6.22 it's good, but 2.7.6...!! And Root permission is buggy! Only positive fix in 2.7.6 is no reboot...
  3. mjarian

    In Progress [SGS2] [2.5.11] some bugs

    1. The camera icon doesn't change with changing icons in theme app!! 2. The task manager doesn't close the apps, only remove in task manager!!! 3. the wallpaper of the pattern phone lock isn't the lock screen wallpaper, it's the default lock screen wallpaper!!! and this default wallpaper...