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  1. Rcocchiararo

    Tasker (And maybe other apps) issues with MIUI after changing to 2.3.* Source

    Dunno WHAT miui developers did with the SMS database or sms subsystem or WHATEVER. But after they started using the 2.3.3 source, SOMETHING changed, and at least for TASKER, it became imposible to use SMS related triggers. After some testing, i verified that tasker can no longer READ from...
  2. Rcocchiararo

    Radio app not working ?

    Is the FM Radio app not working, or am i plain dumb ? im on 290. I plug in a headset (tried the stock one and some sony headphones with no mic), start the app, it activates bluetooth, then... nothing, no static, no nothing. I say there is a setting for "Regional Band", its preset to...
  3. Rcocchiararo

    12.11, A2DP disconnect, music app starts playing

    hi I have a car stereo with bluetooth (a2dp). I normally use WINAMP, and not the stock miui music app. When i disconect my phone from the stereo, the MIUI music player begins playing music, all by itself :P
  4. Rcocchiararo

    MIUI screenshot brocken

    hi people im running the latest miui (12.3) with pack 1d I don't know what i did, but the screenshot feature is not working, SS sound gets played, file gets created, but its an empty file, no image inside. i tried wiping dalvik, running a scandisk on the sdcard, fixin permisions, and i...
  5. Rcocchiararo

    Sound "goes too low"

    Similar to the "sound input bug" i reported, from time to time, usually after a reboot, sound is TOO low (not over bluetooth tho). A reboot sometimes fixes it, a power own and power up, always does.
  6. Rcocchiararo

    Battery: automatic saving when low -> no automatic restore of settings later on

    Just like the topoc says, on my Nexus one, i have set most options for battery saving (except cutting data transmission, i NEED that :P ) When my battery goes up again, settings remain on saving mode. most are there in the notification drawer toggle, but others, like haptiv feedback, is not :P
  7. Rcocchiararo

    Sound Input stops working

    Hi A friend ( after 11.12 , never before ) started noticing that people could not hear him during calls , but a reboot would fix that ( he was not pressing the mute button ) . I told him that i had never seen that problem , nor reports about it . Today , it happened to me , and i also...
  8. Rcocchiararo

    Milestone Subforum?

    I personally own a nexus, but i have many friend with a motorola milestone. MIUI is now releasing an official milestone version of the ROM. Would it not be a good idea to have a milestone subforum ? or is the DROID pack "compatible" ? thx
  9. Rcocchiararo

    Microphone stops working (randomly, haven't found a pattern yet)

    Hi A friend (after 11.12, never before) started noticing that people could not hear him during calls, but a reboot would fix that (he was not pressing the mute button). I told him that i had never seen that problem, nor reports about it. Today, it happened to me, and i also tried the...
  10. Rcocchiararo

    Secure lockscreens vs non secure one

    Hi I was unsure if i had to post this here, or in the bugs section (for me, its kind of a bug, but i think it might be "normal" or "intended") MIUI has a REALLY COOL lockscreen, even more now with the music controls. The only problem is, that if you enable pasword/pin/pattern security, upon...