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    New Themes app displayed over other Apps

    MIX2 [6/128GB] A bug which has appeared in the previous release (9.5.23) and has continued this current release is an Android System notification "Themes is displaying over other apps". When the message is selected, it takes you to "Display over other Apps" page, with a switch that is turned...
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    New Alarm Clock Notification "Turn Off" option

    Bug: "Upcoming Alarm" pull-down notification is missing the "Turn off" option. Was working well on previous Weekly ROM's. MiMix2 [128/6GB]
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    New [solved] Mi Mix 2 Home Screen Layout Sub-menu Missing

    The Home screen layout sub-menu is MISSING on Mi Mix 2 [128/6GB] on 7.12.14 ROM, both through "Settings" menu and by pinch and selecting "Settings" from the bottom bar menu. This was tested on English (UK) and English (US), with re-boots after the changes. The device has defaulted back to the...
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    New Mi Mix 2, Wifi Not Disconnecting When Hotspot Enabled

    Mi Mix 2, [128/6GB] 7.12.14 bug. WiFi hotspot does not disconnect the WLAN network connection and use the Mobile Data. This has been verified through ping testing. When tested on two different Mi5's, using 7.11.30, 7.12.7 and 7.12.14, the WLAN connection is disconnected, and the hot-spot is...
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    New [solved] Mi Mix 2 - Unable To Delete System Apps (browser)

    ROM 7.11.23 FOR Mi Mix 2, the Browser App cannot be uninstalled using rooted Uninstaller app. The same tools have uninstalled the Browser on previous weekly ROM's for Mi Mix 2, and also uninstalls the Browser App on Mi5, for ROM 7.11.23. The ROM has been downloaded, re-installed and the same...
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    Ram Utilization

    A quick question - those people using the ROM for Mix2, what is the RAM utilization (amount consumed) after a clean install, with no additional apps running in background? Reason for asking is to understand what sort of free RAM is available for apps and general running, since with...
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    New [mi5 128/4gb] No Wifi Hotspot Connections List Or Connections Management From Nofications Bar

    The Wifi Hotspot now shows the number of connected users in the Status & Notifications bar, but when you touch the item in the first pulldown menu (to view the notification, "Tethering or Hotspot Active"), it does not display the Connections List and Connections Management. It appears to go to...
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    New 6.12.22 & .29, Mi5 128/4gb, No Devices Listed With Active Personal Hotspot

    On the latest two releases, the Personal Hotspot shows no connected device(s) when active users are on the Hotspot. This is both in the Notifications bar when pulled down, and on the actual Personal Hotspot device page. Cheers, GM.
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    New Mi5, 6.12.15 Global, Personal Hotspot No Internet.

    On both 6.12.8 and 6.12.15 the wifi Personal Hotspot is not functional. With good mobile coverage, PC cannot connect to internet (no ping response to or, but PC can get ping response from Mi5 IP address. It appears to be a NAT or forwarding issue in the phone. Phone...
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    Mi5 Loss Of Lte Bands

    Hi All, I am using a Mi5 Pro 128/4GB version, rooted with SuperSU, running MIUI8, version 6.8.18 ROM from this site, and am currently chasing a problem that has occurred after the phone did an "uncommanded restart", and since then have lost all LTE bands. Prior to this event I had LTE2100 and...