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  1. sijav

    [Ported but]Problem with 540 x 960 Resolution

    Hello guys I have recently port a miui V5 to my Xperia P and despite all that FC's that fixed I still have phone.apk problem (which is smali problem and should be solve by myself) and also I have Resolution problems!!! My device have a 540 x 960 Resolution so I have port it using patchrom with...
  2. sijav

    [SOLVED]Problem with signing in patchrom

    Hello guys, I encounter this problem: To add prebuilt apps To add prebuilt libraries #@ cp -f /home/sijav/patchrom/miui/HDPI/system/framework/miui-framework.jar out/ZIP/system/framework/ #@ cp -f /home/sijav/patchrom/miui/HDPI/system/lib/ out/ZIP/system/lib/ To add prebuilt...
  3. sijav

    [SOLVED]Problem with compiling framework-miui-res.apk[SOLVED]

    Hey guys, I'm having a funny problem in compiling miui framework with apktool, here it is: apktool b out/framework-miui-res out/framework-miui-res.apk W: Could not find sources I: Checking whether resources has changed... I: Building resources... invalid resource directory name...