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  1. abhijit

    In Progress Emoticon Translation

    Hi, I'm running 2.4.6 on my HTC Desire Z. I sent an emoticon from the message app in an SMS and the recipient received only chinese characters.
  2. abhijit

    When's 2.4.6 coming for Desire Z?

    Hey there guys, I haven't seen the 2.4.6 update for HTC Desire Z listed for downloads. Any idea when it will be?
  3. abhijit

    New MIUI 2.3.30 (HTC Desire Z)-Root problems, Contact Sync & Hard Keyboard/ Landscape mode issues

    Issues I'm facing: ROM Manager ( - Unable to run Fix Permissions - "An error occurred while attempting to run privileged command" Titanium Backup not getting Root permission even when it has the permission from Superuser (Please note that I have confirmed that I still have ROOT)...