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    [MOD]V5 Multilanguage T9 dialer

    I have promised this mod to many people for long time. After I found the way to make it work with custom languages other than Hebrew (the one was made for in first place), I'm glad to announce I'm taking requests. First I want to credit people for cracking it in fisrt place and Yosriz...
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    [DEV] MIUI AutoModder V0.2a

    I'm working on an auto modder that will automatically mod MIUI for you, no programming skills required. At the first step and as a test I have compiled a script that will disable the wallpaper scrolling on Launcher.apk but the idea is to add in the future every existing mod that can be done on...
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    [MOD]4-Way Reboot 2.1.13

    Note Dear Dev, if you want to include this mod into your rom, please give credit to all the people that made it possible by linking to this post, thanks!! Credits snq- for developing thr first 4 way reboot mod. ihtfp69 for porting it to MIUI aiccucs for bringing it to miui-dev and posting the...
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    [DEV]Multilanguage T9 dialer

    Since I started with the development of the Hebrew language pack there's one thing I just couldn't get done, it is the capability of the dialer to search through Hebrew fonts. I went through almost every single smali file in the Phone.apk trying to find any peace of code that looks to be the one...
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    MIUI Hebrew bundle

    This is the perfect bundle for Hebrew users!!!! Before the installation of this bundle please make a nandroid backup. This bundle was tested on HTC Desire, Nexus One, Nexus S, Motorola Milestone and HTC HD2. If your device is not listed here, use it at your own risk. If you tried it on a...
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    Gmail 2.3.4 update solution

    EDIT:The Gmail app was fixed on the market so this thread is now obsolete!!
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    [MOD]Disabled wallpaper scrolling on Launcher

    I'll be updating every week this post with an updated Disabled wallpaper scrolling on Launcher It's based on "sampson's" guide so credits to him. You must select a 480x800 wallpaper for this to work!! (Lockscreen size) MIUI 1.2.11 (eng-pack#1b): In...
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    Low waiting call tone volume

    From last version i'm experiencing a very low tone volume for a waiting call (during a call). Is anyone else having this issue? Have anyone raised it to the devs?
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    Hebrew RTLFix

    Have good news for you: After some little work made by me and huge and very professional reverse engineering by Itamar (iravid) we managed to merge new code MIUI implemented on the last versions with the RTLFix. So I'm very happy to say "we're back on tracks"!! **This patch is made for HTC...
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    MIUI Hebrew translation

    Multiplatform Language pack: (works for Desire - N1 - Milestone - HD2) Desire full rom: For more information please visit my iandroid thread.
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    Comparing strings

    As there is not a general thread on the translations section i'll post my question here. I re-started my Hebrew translation project but I'm having a small problem. I have translated all the strings on "crowdin" but when I want to compare them with the English ones the order of the strings is...
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    Arabic and Persian RTL Fix - 30-10-2011 HUGE UPDATE!!

    I put a lot of effort on this patch, so if you enjoy it please consider donating!! I'm happy to say that thanks to some great devs work (see credits at the bottom), the RTL patch for Arabic users have been improved a lot. Great news!!!!!! Thanks to the great work of "BrightIdea" at XDA, from...
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    T9 Dialer

    [FIXED] T9 Dialer Hi everyone! First of all i wanted to congratulate you for the site!!! Second: There is a very well known bug when on any locale other than Chinese that is the T9 Dialer. Somehow we all got used to it but i think is a very important issue that needs to get fixed. Is any...